There’s a really old saying I’m sure you know that says insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and getting the same results.

​2020 may have broken us from the insanity of being on auto-pilot. With our thoughts, our actions– everything in our daily lives.

And as much as I honor the losses many of us have grieved this year, I do think 2020 had a very important point.

Stop doing life the same way– and wishing it were something different.

Whatever map we used to navigate us to this point— it’s time for something quite new.

And in point— this map doesn’t exist yet.

You are going to create it— step by step– as you burn through every last limit, every last autopilot mode—- with greater ease and clarity than you ever have before.

How you may wonder? By slowing down to go different and to go fast.

2021 is paradoxical marriage of HUGE CHANGE with SMALL ACTION.

I know– it’s not how we’ve learned or been taught.

We believe in order to achieve– we must hustle, fix and overachieve to prove our worthiness here.

​You are tired— and burnout, emotionally and physically.

And yet– still do the same things (insert insanity again here).

It’s time to burn the map in favor of the map you already have inside you.

I’m going to teach you the first step of this new map— this Friday at 10am ET (email me at for the free ZOOM link).

​And if you want to FAST PASS your way into creating the most amazing results for yourself with ease and clarity– now is the time to book a coaching consult call with me.

​2020 wasn’t here to paint the world with sweeping suffering— it was here to shake us from this rinse, later, repeat life.

I’m ready— and I know you are too.

Let’s do this.