My family teases me about always searching for the next adventure. I have been known to describe going to the grocery store as an adventure (well, depending on who’s along for the ride—this is a very real possibility).

Truth is that creating my life as an adventure is one of my core desired feeling states (check out Danielle LaPorte for more on that). After years of sitting on the sidelines of my life – watching years float right past me, I made a promise to myself. I would live with the highest threshold of fear I could tolerate in order to gain a life full of experiences.

In exchange for tolerating fear (mostly fear of the unknown and the fear of being judged by others), I’ve found myself in a hot air balloon, a boat stranded in the Chesapeake Bay, a helicopter over the grand Canyon, a spontaneous car ride to see holiday lights with hot chocolate and sappy music, and quite memorable . . . a profession of love on a doorstep one random Tuesday night.

Each day – – each moment holds the promise of an adventure – where love and fun can intertwine. Maybe that is meeting a new face at the grocery store or finding a quiet bench on a trail where you can sit and let life breathe you in. Living in this space opens the possibility for the universe to share this energy exchange with you. The more fun you are willing to enjoy, the more it expands.

Now, sometimes these adventures get categorized as “never-agains” – but without them, I would have missed out on the ones that have etched a permanent place in my heart.

Living life like this really is addictive. It forces me to stay in the present moment and open myself up to the possibilities of playfulness and connection that are all around me.

What would feel like an adventure to you? Take a small step and see if adding a little fun and playfulness could add a sense of adventure to a seemingly mundane task.
If it’s been a long time since life felt like a fun adventure, I’d love to help you recapture your you again.