I’m knee-deep in a pretty nasty cold. You know the kind?  The one that fogs your thinking, numbs your senses and keeps you desperate for warm, honeyed liquids.

Before having this cold moving through my systems, I was on full throttle go, little stopping. 

Several big presentations, traveling, and lots of amazing clients and of course, the life-things to do. 

However, it is really obvious to everyone but you when an illness arrives at your door.

One of my besties lovingly said to me “what would you say to your client in this moment?“.

I ugh’d a few times and then surrendered to “I would ask them to consider what feels most like love in this moment?”.  I may also ask them “how can you press the easy button instead of making it harder?”.

So, she smirks at me in the most loving and in yes, your wisdom is just as good on you as it is on others kind of way and we laugh. 

So, what would feel most like love is for me to go off-line for the next few weeks.  To hit the reset button.

To invite stillness and insight from wide-open spaciousness (which reminds me I just love the quote above from Pema Chodron on space). 

It makes me wonder what your best wisdom is?  You know the one– your family and loved ones can probably quote it with their eyes closed.

Maybe it’s the perfect time for all of us to invite the words we share outward inside to our tender parts today too. 

I’d love to hear what you’ve most recently offered a friend or maybe even the random not random stranger at Starbucks. I bet some intuitive energy it resonates in some places. 

And with that my beloveds, I’m quietly taking my words and spending some time with me and those I love (yes, this includes lots of trees!!).

I will see you, as I also fondly say, on the flip side.

Until then, please always ask “what feels most like love in this moment?” and see if you can honor the answer. 

All my love,

PS.  I’d love to help you with what your easy button could look like once I return— set up some time to jam together.