Most of us go through life following all of the rules for success.

We read books, take courses and hire mentors and coaches. We keep thinking we need that “one more thing”– the elusive secret that everyone knows and is doing but us.

But what if the one thing we’ve forgotten to do is to check in with ourselves to see which “rules” expand our sense of self instead of constrict it? What if we really need permission to BREAK what we used to love, follow or believe in?

Consider the rules you live by that have brought you the most success.

Do they still fit you? 

Take a moment to get yourself quiet, curious and grounded (for me, that means going for a walk).

How attached are you to believing they are the ‘only way’ for you to make your life better? 

Today– start easy and simple. Play with the idea of breaking the ONE rule you’d swore you’d always be faithful to.

Imagine by breaking it you easily grow your business, create soul-full art, make love to your personal life.

You don’t need a new book or course to figure out your next step. You have everything you need right now within you.

It starts by breaking the thing that’s got you here (and nope, you won’t find what to do next in that brand new book on your night stand).