Helloooooo Gorgeous!!! 

Sometimes I wonder if you believe all those words I use to welcome you here— Beautiful, Gorgeous, Amazing– yup, you are all of those.

But, I have a feeling you might not always agree– or you may even find it difficult to receive that flow of awesome-ness deep into you (something like “Yea, yea, Stace, you always say that”– if that’s what you say– I totally challenge you to change those words!  You are listening to YOU and the words matter).

Ok, now on to the matter at hand on this Thursday morning.


And your freakiness.

You know what I’m talking about (I may or may not know your specific freak– depending on how well we know each other).

What if this thing– that you were singled out about or that you were humiliated over, keeping it tucked away–hoping no one would ever find this out about you….. what if, this is the thing that is your path to all the things???!!!!!

Ok, hear me out before you go.

Here’s a few of my freak-ish things (that I did try and hide in my previous version of me):

  • I am LOUD-— and I will make a crazy LOUD scene in very random places (I took my new VW Bug (nicknamed the Luv Bug) down Main Street and yelled out to all the people outside how awesome they are (I think my husband sunk a bit deeper in his seat that day but I didn’t care— I’M a SCENE MAKER for LOVE & FUN!!)
  • I will LOVE on STRANGERS-— don’t know if you remember the time last year I went to NYC and met Jesus!! We hugged and carried on like we knew each other forever (again, my husband drew his side-eye at us)
  • I’m a BIRD NERD— yup! Just joined a Bird Club and downloaded an Audubon app on my phone to identify all the birds I’m connecting with these days

After I turned 46 last week, I realized that I wanted to play bigger with my me-ness.

To turn up the volume on the things that are me— and let the world do with it what it wants.

So, I ask you.

What are the things that make you you (that maybe you get a little shy about)?

Tell me– or a journal—or the birds (they are quite awesome listeners).

And then give yourself permission to turn up the VOLUME.

To give less about what the world thinks about who you are and instead focus on how being you really lights you up. There’s no fear of judgment out there that is worth holding yourself in. 

If you aren’t sure how to get this going, I’ve got a coach session designed just for you. It’s called Unlock Your Magic— and it’s all about discovering what these things are and living in to them (in ways that feel ah-mazing!!!).

So, if you see me out and about—- I’m sure you will see me doing something loud, silly and slightly-nerdish– please wave & say hello!!!

But more than anything, I hope you are out there too– doing the things that make you feel on FIRE!!! 

All my love, always,