Last week I began to get excited. 

Summer is almost here.

I can feel it in the air as the sunshine begins to linger longer across my shoulders and the amount of clothing required to play outdoors dwindles. 

What do you think of when you think summer?

Does it conjure up nostalgia for those long, lazy summer afternoons where you were bored just hanging with your friends? Or maybe memories of being lakeside with friends and family, toasting marshmallows and playing tag at dusk? 

I love my childhood summer memories. 

But as an adult, I don’t have as many good ones. 

Being uncomfortable in my body for most of my 20s, led me to cover up. To say no to invitations to pool parties (I couldn’t dare be in a swimsuit in public). To hope that it passed quickly enough that I didn’t have to be seen. 

Along with that, I used to work 3 jobs in the summer while I was a teacher (yes, summer vacation for teachers, not what most people envision) all while attending grad school.

So it just didn’t feel fun. Or like the break it did when I was young.

It felt stifling– the heat, the pressure to look a certain way, the growing to-do list. 

A few years back, I made a choice. 

To redefine my relationship with summer, my body and intentional fun. 

I would love to teach you what I learned and some practical tips to help you curate an incredible next three months.

Or, better yet– don’t wait. 

Be intentional. What do you want your summer to feel like, look like, taste like?

Sign up for a summer coaching package and learn how to cultivate fun in ways that will have you hoping summer never ends. 

There is no time like the present to unleash the power of your life’s magic and write a new story.

Don’t let the stories of the past constrict what is possible for you now. 

Plan a trip. Find a great summer dress that you feel great in. Rock out with your fav tunes, windows down and air flooding your car. Prioritize your own fun! 

Summer (in fact anytime) is the perfect invitation to fall in love with yourself, your life and your work in the world.

All my love,

PS.  Sign up to change your summer story.