Dear Loves,

I know this week can get you in a weird place— with all the hearts, over-priced flowers and love, love, love everywhere on the rush of Valentine’s Day.

I’m thinking it’s not the love that gets us sideways — but the commercialization of such.

So, I’d love to ask you “what type of love are you craving’?.

Because monetizing love with things and creating expectation around receiving these ‘things’ (I’ve been that person at work waiting for my flowers to arrive to feel good about myself that day) can feel crappy.

Love is not a commodity and it cannot be defined by something we think we should do because it’s a certain day. 

Love is also not the sweet, sappy, airbrushed version we tend to see right now.

Love is here with us everyday— flowers or none— single or coupled or complicated—- happy, sad or not sure.  Self, romantic, friend, family— love is love and you cannot gain or lose her, even when it feels like you have.

Love is messy, real, authentic and encompasses all the feels (including sadness, loneliness,& grief). 

We don’t have to conform or buy in to any of it. We can celebrate love on our own terms– in ways that feel good to you.

A great place to start? Asking and acting on what type of love you want and desire. 

You don’t have to wait for the flowers or gifts to arrive— you can own your desires and in any moment satisfy your truest wants. Give yourself permission to stop waiting and take an action toward your love-cravings. Maybe a bubble bath, a long walk in Mother Nature or a delicious meal with friends— you can satisfy you wants like no one else here can.

Want to explore this topic some more? Come check out my private FB group Love is Everywhere— because Love Day isn’t one day of the year– it’s every day. And what you do in each little moment is what matters more profoundly than one act created outside of you.

To love that is here always,