Today is a special day for me.

It’s my great aunt’s birthday. Although she’s no longer here on the planet– she visits me often.

How do I know?

She was a heavy smoker– and every so often I will get cigarette smoke something fierce in my nostrils for a few days.

When she died– which was a long time ago now– I wasn’t able to say goodbye in person.

It really felt like unfinished energy for me.

Months later—- I was having a dream.

And there she was on the dance floor— and she stopped.

Arms outstretched– in this beautiful pose.

She looked straight at me— and our eyes locked.

In that moment– we said our human goodbyes without any words and opened a new dimension with each other.

She is someone who I speak to often about questions, decisions and choices I want to make.

It’s not that she’s telling me what to do— we all have that wisdom within us.

It’s through her bravery that I find my own. 

So often, we are looking for the sign that we are ready to take bold action.

The mind is never going to be the source of this confirmation. 

She will always tell us why it’s a horrible idea– and that’s ok, she’s not wired to want to jump into uncertain futures. She likes the rinse, lather, repeat cycle that she presents to us each day.

But, I’m here to tell you — that there are other ways to connect to your readiness.

Here’s just a sampling:

  • Connect with a loved one on the other side. 
  • Ask for a sign from the Universe and then listen to the world around you.  
  • Ask a specific question and create an oracle card spread for yourself. 
  • Come inside to your body and use its insights as a guide.
  • Commit to meditation and discover its powerful wisdom

We all know that we’re never going to feel ready.

But you’ve got a lot of ways to strengthen your courage. 

I’d love to teach you all the tools I know that help you take the bold action– not just think about. 

If you aren’t sure you are ready for coaching— I’d love to connect you to one of these ideas above so you can get more clarity. 

My aunt is cheering us both on today that we are ready!

With love,