This past Thursday, I shared a post about knowing your freak flags You can check it out here if you didn’t read it yet.

Did you think about what your flags may be?

Probably things that got you singled out in the not-so-good-way– or maybe not because they were more of a secret.

One of the things I didn’t share that I thought for years made me a freak was my intuition and my mystic gifts– like energy reading, channeling, mediumship, clairvoyance and many others in these realms.

I discovered these flags at 5– well, my father noticed them. I had them since I was born.

And he tested me and tested me—“how could she know this or that?” (lots of experiments with me in one room and him in another— reading energy)— which I made to mean that there was something ‘wrong’ with me.

He couldn’t explain how I could do it— so I internalized that to mean— this was something to keep hidden back in my darkest part of my closet.  

Don’t let others know– or see it. 

Reminds me of that scene in Sleeping Beauty where all her guardian fairies are using their talents but keeping them hidden– afraid for the ‘evil’ to discover them.  I’ve since thought that evil—is the heart of fear.

But what happens when — our most tender parts of us (that we and/or the world has labeled freakish, weird, crazy– just to name a few of the ways the world likes to diminish our gifts)—- are hidden away?

For me, it kept me apart from me. 

It’s like I was walking around the world with a big secret —- a liability that could keep me from being liked, successful, accepted—- again to name a few things that fear told me.

So today— I ask you to go a bit deeper into the parts of you that you may have hidden or feel unsure about.

Specifically your magical gifts (we all have intuitive energy).

What have you always known about yourself? 

Would you be willing to share it with a few close loved ones?

With me?

With our community Love is Everywhere (one of the main reasons I created that community is so that we could live in to who we really are)?

These gifts—- the ones you are most worried about the world seeing or judging— may just be the way forward to creating and living a LIFE loved, magical and in service.

You are here to be an incredible agent of change for the world.

It starts with you.

I stood on a stage last October and shared this story about my father— it scared me (really shook me).

And then, after meeting the fear of what would happen if I told more truths about me outloud….. I felt liberated.

The holding it in — the energy of the secret— was worse than what I imagined would happen. 

This is not to say you need to get on a stage and pronounce yourself (although I’m all for that if it feels like the next right step).

I’m saying— stop being afraid to stand in your you-ness.

Because you rob yourself and US of those gifts you have.

And that is a life I’ve decided is not worth the price of admission— whether anyone ever gets me or not. 

Let me know what you think about such things and if this gets your curiosity peaked, come have an Unlock Your Magic session with me and we can dig further into your gifts and the fears that may be trying to keep them hidden.