I was looking at photographs of myself when I was little the other day and boy, was I cute! I see the same smile I’ve always had looking right back and me and telling me with her eyes “I’m going to conquer the world while I’m here”. Then I came across another photo– one where I am a bit older and I don’t look so happy. My smile is gone and the voice peering at me says “I’m not sure I measure up to what the world wants me to be”.

Somewhere in childhood I learned that I wasn’t good enough. And as a result, a voice was created. She lived in my head a long time and told me lots of lies– lies that I wasn’t good enough. That I was always messing up, disappointing others, and I could do better.

Wow— her voice became more powerful and over time, I didn’t even realize how much “stage time” she monopolized in my head.
She also told me I wasn’t thin enough– wasn’t pretty enough and compared me to lots of other girls and then women. It became a game of compare and despair. It resulted in lots of self-punishing behavior (like restrictive diets and hours of exercising to the point of injury and exhaustion) and mean girl mantras chanting in my head.

I eventually was able to evict my mean girl and change the channel to my Inner Beloved — who loves me, nurtures me and wants magical fun and adventure for me! How empowering to choose love instead — why hadn’t I realized this sooner?!!!

I know all of us know a woman in our life– heck, we probably know a lot of women in our lives, that have that same inner critic telling us that we aren’t good enough. If you do, I would love for you to share my new program with them.

If you want to make peace with your body, mind and spirit and open space for you to love yourself right here, right now as you are showing up in the world — then BARE is for you.

I have a few spots left for my next teleclass– it’s going to be 8 weeks of group calls (awesome community) and 2 private, 90 minute coaching sessions where each person gets to explore and evict those mean girl mantras.

The results? A healthier you. A you that you love. A you that stops comparing herself to others– because she creates an amazing life of her own.

Child Pics 2
I would love you to join me and any other woman who wants this same freedom. PM for more details and please share with your friends and family.