IMG_2635As many of you know who read my posts, I sometimes have difficulty staying still. I want to do– I want to move– I want to get sh@t done! And on these occasions, I can resist going inward.

Yet, when I get still it’s like winning the love lottery. My most beautiful self comes out to play, to share, and to guide me.
She whispers the most soul-full things to me. She oozes love & compassion without space for judgement, guilt or shame.

I hear her tell me how my life is a gift. A gift that directs me to my best life (and she creates some very prickly obstacles when I’m off the path) and helps me heal all of the painful thoughts that I’ve carried with me for far too long.

Do you feel stuck somewhere? In a thought or a behavior? Take some time to get still with yourself and see what transpires.

At the end of your day— go outside and sit with the warm air, the lightning bugs swirling magic around you, and the moonlight casting its glow across the sky.

Love can’t help but be invited and she will enchant you with you. You will discover a cosmic thread to all life– all energy– this entire love force that flows through me and you and all things.

Its power is like the best drug on the planet. And it costs nothing. Nothing but the time we may run from.

Gift yourself you today. And let love ooze from your insides out– like the humid air that coats us this week.

I’d love to teach you more on how to grow this love from within.  PM me for a free discovery call. I can’t wait to help you unlock your magic.