I recently saw an Instagram post (which I tried to find again to share with you– and no such luck) about the impossibility of being against anything. 

That the only thing we can choose truly— is what we are for. 

The post stopped me in my tracks. 

How many times have I fought out against something (or seemingly so)? 

But in considering such an idea above it makes me wonder what I was actually spending my time and energy on. 

So, since then– I’ve wondered out loud, “what am I for?”. (At the heart of it, this question asks us to identify the things that make up our core values.)

A few things that I’m for: 

  • truth-telling in compassionate ways 
  • love in all its messy forms 
  • a planet that truly cares about each other (one that believes we all matter) and reveals such through inspired daily action
  • practicing integrity (meaning– it’s not about perfection, rather living from an authentic place of our own ….
  • intentional living (with JOY being an integral part of my daily intention)
  • listening at the soul level 

I’m curious, what are you for? Do you notice how your answers influence all aspects of your life?

Once you start to name them, consider a ‘challenge’ you have right now or something sparking some indecision.

What is this challenge really about? (Maybe you have been fighting, resisting or flailing around with something or someone– the “against” energy).

Possibly it is related to something you stand for, and by getting clearer on what that is, the next best step becomes more transparent.

For example, recently I encountered an issue around someone telling the truth. I wanted to be right — and have others acknowledge it (and I found myself fighting against the person). But really, when I stripped it down– it wasn’t about that.  It was that one of my core values (truth-telling) was out of alignment with someone’s actions.  Once I looked at it from this perspective, it made it easier for me to make a choice about what I wanted to do next (these choices aren’t always easy, but I find them much clearer with this lens). 

So, let’s ponder this big question and get super curious how our answers inspire our lives (making space for the magic in the friction– because its letting us know when something is out of alignment with our values). 

I would love to hear your list and your insights–send me a note or let’s chat about such things out on social media (we can connect here if we aren’t already).

With love,

PS.  There are some powerful next steps we can create when we get clear on what we are for— set up some time to jam together and I’d love to support you in creating a life that amplifies yours.