First of all– how many people look at themselves in the mirror? I’m curious the answer.

10 years’ ago, I avoided every mirror. I didn’t want to see myself. Not only had I self-medicated myself with food into an extremely unhealthy weight, I didn’t want to see my life. If I confronted what I saw in the mirror than I would have had to confront parts of my life that I wanted to remain invisible. Funny thing is though that the more I wanted me and my messy life to be invisible – the more visible I became.

10 years’ ago if I had stood and looked into the mirror— what would have spoken to me would have been cruel, shaming and downright awful because I let my mean girl run my inner stage. And her spotlight felt so scathing if was as if I was struggling to breathe. She listed every mistake, every imperfection, every physical flaw she imagined there to be. And I allowed myself to be her victim — because at the time I didn’t believe I was worthy of something different.

Now — in such a different fashion, I love looking in the mirror. I love to see my sparkle radiate back at me. And this is what I say: I tell myself a couple of loving things and then I smile my goofy grin and go about my day.
I start each day with this ritual. It’s a small thing and it’s not small.

What do you say to yourself? Are you using the mirror to berate yourself? Are you curious how you can change this voice in your head?

Enter BARE— it’s a coaching program that’s designed to help you love and care for yourself in magical ways— ways that will bring more happiness, more fun and lots of adventure into your life! Why? Because life is sweeter with love.
I have a few spots open for my next BARE class— I’d love to setup a call to share more details.