Riding your bike
Saying I love you 
Cooking a nourishing meal
Saying no 
Kissing your beloved
Creating a boundary
Owning your needs
Letting your heart break
Listening to your best friend 
Smiling at a stranger
Saying thank you 
Asking for help 
Hugging your brother (or some other divine being) 
Choosing you first and foremost
Navigating grief 
Feeling discomfort 
Laughing until you pee your pants 
Whispering with the trees 
Harnessing anger into inspired action 
Singing to your favorite song 
Releasing the stories
Questioning the truth 
Laying naked in the breeze of a fan 
Dreaming on a summer’s afternoon 
Awakening your soul 
Sipping the best cappuccino on the planet
Flying across the skies
Adventuring into the unknown
Diving into an idea
Nestling into the life that is here
Offering gratitude 

Driving to an ordinary day’s destination
Chasing a firefly
Soaking into a sunset
Saying hello to a new day
Forgiving yourself 

Tell me how do you practice this thing called life?  What flows? What feels blocked?

And how could you give yourself more permission to practice it all?