Whether you know anything about or agree that we are entering into the Age of Aquarius– it is for sure we are in the midst of a planetary shift right now.
We may feel some days like we are spiraling into a deep, long dark night of the soul that we aren’t sure how to traverse without harm to ourselves and/or others.

It’s murky and yet equally hopeful as all of this change seems to be nudging us to greater harmony and spiritual connection.

Here to help us better understand the changes and how they are affecting us is today’s guest, Randi Botnick. Her wisdom and the wisdom of the galactic groups she channels are specifically here to help us create a new way forward with greater joy and ease to our bodies, minds and spirits.

Listen in as Stacey and Randi explore:

  • why our physical bodies are feeling out of alignment (and the connection to our nervous systems)
  • the role of the divine masculine and feminine in the upcoming years
  • how our relationship with our trauma and our past is changing and evolving
  • messages directly from the Arcturians that will bring us more clarity and peace (this is a galactic group Randi channels)
  • the role joy and sovereignty play in our spiritual practices

There is much afoot right now on this planet and we are all here to live it into experience as Randi shares. The more we can honor the complicated process without problemizing it– the more we can find our way forward/through.

More about Randi: Randi became a Sekhem-Seichim-Reiki Master and an IYT yoga instructor in 1997, and a Clinical Hypnotherapist in 2003. She has been channeling galactic groups since 2010. Find out more about all her offerings ⁠on her website⁠ (sign up for her free newsletter to be first to know) and follow her on ⁠YouTube⁠ and ⁠Facebook⁠.

More about Stacey: Stacey is an intuitive (yup, psychic) coach and a channel for healing who wants to invite you to be part of the practical magic that is shifting this planet through messy, human-soulful love. If you want to work with Stacey —- especially if you are curious how you can step more fully into your soul’s calling and have global impact with your, check out Stacey’s 1:1 Leap of Faith program. If you want your own psychic reading, email Stacey. And if you want to part of the practical magic on the daily, join Stacey’s private free FB group, Everyday Enchantment, where she shares tips and ideas for expanding your intuitive gifts, creating more impact with your work in the world and HAVING FUN in the process.



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