Hello Beautiful!!!

I want to know if you’ve ever been to Disney World or a theme park where they have those things called “Fast Passes”.

​A Fast Pass cuts you right through the line, shortens your wait and minimizes the undesirable feeling of waiting (for ever!!! when I was a little, this wasn’t a thing and I can remember standing in line for 2 hours for It’s a Small World).

Anywho— Fast Pass isn’t just for when you are at Disney World (or any theme park).

Here’s how we can all use a Fast Pass anytime . . . I have a feeling there will be something that you will do that won’t live up to your standards this week.

Mess up the sugar cookie recipe.

Forget to wrap someone’s gift.

Snap at your partner, dog or little.

Bring out the tears while watching a sentimental movie.

Now, here’s the thing.

​Instead of beating yourself up about it– for hours (or days). I want you to SKIP the shame spiral and FAST PASS your way right to the place of compassion.

Dole it out freely and generously to yourself and others.

​Fast Pass wants you to skip the optional Mean Girl mantage and instead allow yourself to be on your own side. If you find yourself waiting in the I’m-Going-To-Tell-You-How-Awful-You-Are line– then just say “NOT TODAY” and skip right on by.

​So, thank you Disney World (or whoever created this shortcut)– because I will be using it A LOT this week!



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