Unlock Your Magic is an interactive intuitive reading

This stand-alone session is a live Channeled Reading.

Access both practical and magical wisdom from your spirit guides.

In an Unlock Your Magic session, you will:

  • Access your own inner messsage system through a guided meditation
  • Receive messages from the Universe through Oracle Cards
  • Create several steps for integrating the messages of the reading into your daily life

Offered virtually, this 45 minute, stand-alone session is a blend of guided meditation, messages channeled from the Universe, and a card reading with intuitive coaching throughout the session to support you.

Ask your biggest questions and get personalized guidance in a safe, trusting enchanted space.

What clients are saying about these readings:

Did you put cameras and microphones in my soul?!

The reading feels like a blanket of love and support

“I think that you are magic! Your reading came at a much-needed time”