This is the name of a popular networking game. Participants write down two things that are true about themselves and one lie. The catch is to make them all pretty fantastical that anyone reading them would have a hard time deciphering the lie. 

I share this game with you today because I want to let you in on a little secret.

You have intuitive power. Your body holds all sorts of information that the mind doesn’t.

Many days, though the mind overrides the body and we miss out on all this juicy wisdom.

Ask a friend or loved one to play this game with you– each of you writing two truths and a lie. 

Then, have your friend read each statement out loud to you– I’d suggest keeping your eyes closed and noticing what you feel in your body when she/he reads them.

Do you notice a subtle difference between each statement? (it’sok if you don’t have first– for most of us, we are learning something new). 

If no one is around to play– you can also have this type of fun with yourself. 

Tell yourself a truth about you— how does it feel in your body? What do you notice?

Then say a lie out loud—- what does that feel like (now, here I’m talking physical sensations not emotions)? An example could be you feel your throat getting tighter when you hear the lie (good to know as we walk around interacting with folks). 

Have fun playing with the magic that the body holds for us. 

It’s part of the system that just knows— and it drives the mind crazy because the mind wants logical, rational input (that is what we’ve been taught over and over again).

However, beautiful beloveds– the body is a more powerful tool in this case. 

A tool most of us haven’t been encouraged to use. A tool I teach my coaching clients and at in-person events so I’m here if this intrigues you and you want more guidance.

So have some fun today– this weekend and notice what the body wants you to know.

I can’t wait to hear what insights unfold!  And if you want to play together, I’ll be hosting a virtual version of this in my Love is Everywhere group (joining is free).

All my love,

PS.  There are some amazing ways to tap into the wisdom of our bodies— set up some time to jam together and I’d love to share some with you.