You’re about to make a really important decision and you get this funny feeling that what you thought you should do isn’t the ‘right’ thing anymore. You have this feeling in the pit of your stomach that is redirecting you — in a direction that feels completely uncertain and possibly unexplainable. However, your body keeps nudging you toward this belief/action/message that you have no proof for.

Do you listen to it? How do you know if it’s ‘right’?

In today’s episode, Stacey shares two stories in her own life around trusting her intuition when there was absolutely no proof that it was all going to work out or that it was ‘right’.

Listen in as Stacey shares:

  • real-life examples of following your instincts when it doesn’t seem to make much sense
  • how to confront your deepest fears and insecurities around trusting yourself
  • learning how to date trust and build a beautiful relationship with it

Stacey reminds us that “when we find ourselves in uncertainty, it doesn’t mean that we’re lost. It doesn’t mean that we don’t have clarity. It means we are willing again to trust ourselves.”

As with each episode, focus on one thing that resonates and let the rest slip away. Enjoy that message meant for you and let it guide you as you trust it’s meant.

More about Stacey: Stacey is an intuitive (yup, psychic) coach and a channel for healing who wants to invite you to be part of the practical magic that is shifting this planet through messy, human-soulful love. If you want to work with Stacey —- especially if you are curious how you can step more fully into your soul’s calling and have global impact with your, check out Stacey’s 1:1 Leap of Faith program. If you want your own psychic reading, email Stacey. And if you want to part of the practical magic on the daily, join Stacey’s private free FB group, Everyday Enchantment, where she shares tips and ideas for expanding your intuitive gifts, creating more impact with your work in the world and HAVING FUN in the process.



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