When I was first married (to my first husband), we displayed all of our ‘fancy’ things in a glass china closet.

We never used any of it.

We were waiting for ‘the special day’ that warranted such honor.

I can remember pulling out the expensive dishes and glasses one night for dinner.

My husband questioned me at length.

What is so special about today?”.

Nothing and everything.

He didn’t seem to get it and ended up in an argument (yes, over dishes!!).

Today, as I was showering and getting ready, I reached into one of my bathroom drawers for my favorite perfume.

I hesitated to pull it out and spritz it on my arm.

It won’t last forever.

It’s meant for special days.

If you use it, you’ll probably run out while we are all still sheltering in place. 

I could hear that voice in my head again and the voice of my fears that I’ll never have enough– so I should hold on and hold out.

And then I realized, I didn’t have to listen to that voice anymore.

We are waiting it seems– for some unannounced future that deserves our best while compromising our joy in the present.

But what if, that day is now?

There is no other moment than here to enjoy and savor the things that bring us the most joy.

Choose one thing today that feels fancy— ‘special occasion worthy” and do it.

For me, it was the perfume– which uplifted my whole morning when I caught a light hint of its scent on my skin.

For you, it could be anything that brings you pure joy– challenge yourself to think about the things you reserve for special occasions.

Go for it.

Because today is the special day.