I realized something the other day.

My desire for information is deeply rooted in my desire for an answer (fear breeds in the unknown— yep, I can catastrophize like it’s my JOB when I let fear run through my mind with her stories).

I start asking “how long will this last?”

Will this be as bad as some predict?”

What will happen to all the children who were planning on graduating?”

Do I have the virus?”

These are just a few of my questions– I probably have thousands each day.

If I have answers, I feel better. Safer.

Almost like the answers quiet the fears — and that makes it all go away.

But I’m noticing without answers- the fear can expand– spread like the contagion we are facing.

And then I realized—- without my illusion of control, knowledge, certainty—- I am seeing things that I’ve always carried with me.

The fear that every bad thing that I can imagine will happen to me.

I’m so happy this is happening.

Wait, what?

Because if you, me, us truly want to change the planet through LOVE, then we have to know where the sneaky fears are still hidden.

Our collective fears — are being outed.

What if not to harm us– but to release us?

To set us free (a freedom we’ve had all along as my beloved Wizard of Oz movie loves to remind me).

We may not have seen it, known they were so deeply entrenched– without this huge messy invitation into transformation.

Not just a few individuals– the whole planet being thrust into what my mentor Martha Beck likes to say is “Square 1 of Change”.

In Square 1– we have no idea about anything and the practice is to get comfortable with that.

Yes, I know. We want to fast forward to the part where it all works out in the end.

But, as Brene Brown wrote an entire book about (Rising Strong)– you need to know about the middle part because that’s where you find your inner strength– your purpose, your passion— your light.

It’s what life coaches have trained for, for the past decade.

Being called now— to support the planet in messy transformation.

To transform global fear to Love.

It’s scary stuff– I know (I’ve felt it too).

But we’ve got this.

As I mentioned in the past 3 months— 2020 is a year for BIG CHANGE.

And as such— we can’t do the same thing we’ve always done and simultaneously undergo life-altering change.

So, I’m here.

As a friend, a listener, a partner on the planet and a Master Life Coach and Intuitive.

You don’t have to navigate the scariest fears that may be coming up right now by yourself.

Gift yourself a guide. A support during the middle messy part.

Join my online masterclass in April and learn how to Befriend Your Fears— instead of fight, numb or ignore them.

With love,

PS. If you need support, reach out to me.