VIP Play Dates

You are invited to carve out time for soul-nourishing connection and sacred renewal.

Restore, Renew and Connect to the Power that Resides within You

Expand Your Capacity to Create, Serve & Thrive in These Changing Times

There has been so much change afoot this past year or so, even beyond the pandemic and all the shifting we’ve been asked to hold space for and navigate in both our professional and personal lives.
So many of us are in service of amazing communities, clients and work that is helping change and heal the planet.
Where do we go when we need space to replenish and restore our hearts and minds?
It’s why we, me and the amazing mystic, Randi Botnick, are hosting a Spring Event to anchor into the power of love that we all hold within ourselves. So that we can help create clearer paths forward into these uncertain times with greater ease and a lot more fun.
The event will include: 
  • soul-nourishing community (feel seen and heard with kindred spirits).
  • a 3-course farm-to-table brunch at an incredible local restaurant
  • a live channeling from Randi (think of this like Abraham-Hicks) where loving guides want to share messages of love and renewal as we cultivate our Spring blossoming
  • Q&A to ask any questions you have of the guides Randi channels
  • interactive reflective activities to anchor and integrate your messages (so you leave with a roadmap for how to incorporate the inspiration into daily life)
  • a loving meditation and energy healing to close the time together

     Here are all the juicy details: 

    • The Power of Love Event will be held on Sunday, April 14th from 10am to 2pm
    • Event will be held at One Eleven Main (restaurant) in Bel Air, Maryland
    • $255 to partake in the day’s magic
    • Dress in what makes you feel like amazing
    • Once paid, your ticket is non-refundable

    Come be nourished, mind, body & spirit. 

    The Problem with Trying to Heal Yourself

    Stacey & Randi are excited to share in a mystical and loving experience with you.