“Not every girl survives the forest.

Sometimes she becomes it.”

– Catherine Garbinsky

Welcome to The Forest

Welcome to The Forest

A private community that nurtures your soul work, your intuitive gifts and makes space for the messy magic of being human.  

I invite you to a place of stillness

A place where you can hear your heart speak

Where your soul-ular GPS has 5 bars

There is enchantment

There is practicality

We nurture truth & messy human transformations

along with the clarity and confidence that comes from listening & acting from your heart

Come into The Forest

The world can be noisy, cluttered, loud and chaotic — 

✨ You long for a place off the beaten path where you can exhale and step outside all of that energy (including typical social media)

✨ You are ready to do it your way, at your own pace and be imperfectly impactful 

✨ You’ve felt like an outsider most of your life because you haven’t been satisfied doing the rinse, lathering and repeating as the world taught you; you know you are here to disrupt & change what no longer works 

✨  You want community & collaboration of kindred spirits; a place to be yourself in all your magical weirdness 

In The Forest

✨ We bend linear time and access all times, dimensions and realities 

✨ We ask and receive signs on the daily  

✨ We recognize and tap in to our intuitive superpowers; we are heralds of this new age 

✨ We practice the art of flow and expand our capacity to give and receive love without condition and attachment 

✨ We use ease, fun, laughter, inspiration as invitations for growth and expansion (we don’t skip the hard but we don’t default to it) 

The Forest Includes: 

a private space and community to be seen, heard and loved 

a place to practice receiving and acting on intuitive and energetic messages 

a safe place to expand your intuitive gifts and superpowers 

a place to play with your desires; to pull them into 3D form from your field of possibility and create with greater ease 

a place to come each day and get small bites of wisdom to support you in living your own path 

Come have fun with us in The Forest.

What makes me the right intuitive mentor for you?

I am part forest-fairy, part-messy human whose soul contract is all about creating and nurturing magical communities for global change agents, light workers, healers, artists, entrepreneurs (the titles don’t really matter, right?)

I blend the practicality of being a human with intuitive practices- this is about how it can work for you as a human as much as it is about honoring your soul-life

✨  I love to get curious and have fun practicing life– we aren’t here to be so serious and give ourselves more work to do!!  Plus, there is no ‘right way’– there is your way and I’m here to make it easier for you to honor it

Uncomfortable Truths - Podcast Episode 2

If you’re a women on the edge of change and seek guidance to surrender to your soul’s mission, Stacey has divine gifts to help you.  

Stacey helps women re-frame and shift away from old paradigms that may have you stuck in fear, in order to lead a life awakened by the heart — with the confidence to trust your intuition as a compass!

Unee Washington

Working with Stacey has been one of the best investments that I have ever made and I cannot imagine NOT working with her!

The transformation in my life, my business and my being is far beyond what I expected and far beyond my wildest dreams at the time. I NOW understand that my possibilities are infinite and I really CAN be, do or have my greatest desires met with ease, grace and FLOW!

Debb Cobb

What’s Inside The Forest

✨ Membership into a Private Mighty Networks group that will include:  

✨ Weekly Card Messages (video/posts throughout the week) 

Channeled messages as they come through in posts/videos 

✨ a monthly Intuition Hour: one hour, live Zoom (with recording) that will blend things like meditation, intuitive themes/topics and coaching/q&A’s 

✨ Intuitive themes and tools to expand your superpowers 

A sacred place for us to have conversations, ask questions and get support as we navigate life together 

✨ Special offers, discounts and surprises along the way 

    Ready to get started?

    Membership will align with the seasons.

    Which means for 2024, membership will include Spring, Summer and Fall (concluding on December 31, 2024 for ease).

    Next year’s membership will renew automatically on January 1st unless otherwise stated. And as always, you have the option not to renew.

    All payments are processed through PayPal or Zelle, your preference.

    If you have any questions, email me at stacey@staceyandon.com.

    Uncomfortable Truths - Podcast Episode 2

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

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    Once you purchase a membership, your payment is non-refundable.

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