Today, I want to share with you the story of Jack.

So many people ask me— who is Jack? 

Years ago, I saw a medium. It happened in a very random (not random) way.

He was here from the UK and I had been looking for someone to teach me about oracle readings.

But instead, I found myself sitting in a basement of a complete stranger at 7:30 am (because she fit me in) and looking at this man— who I was a bit nervous about it.

As someone who wants to feel safe first, strangers always put me on high alert.

He looked me over and asked me why I was here.

I told him with utter truth– I have no idea. 

But I know it’s for something. 

As Martin read me (which felt a little like standing naked in front of a class)– he was puzzled.

You should be curled up in a ball somewhere in the fetal position based on all the things that have happened to you in this lifetime.

I am always taken aback by statements like those– because I never realized my life veered out of the norm for most people.

In the middle of our session, he said something so curious.

Martin: Stacey, you know when you get really nervous —right before you’re going to do something brave/big/etc?

Me: Yes.

Martin: And do you know how when you get started into ‘such thing’ you relax into it, find your footing and do amazing things?

Me: Yes— I knew exactly what he was talking about.

Martin: That’s Jack.

Me: Excuse me? What? Who’s Jack?

Martin then explained he was a real person who died around the time I was born. He was a love interest to one of grandmothers or maybe a great-gran– and he was in the military. After he died, he took on the role of a spiritual guide and advisor for me– my whole life.


I was silent (which you know takes a lot to get me quiet).

After that experience, I started talking to Jack in my meditations– on my walks in the woods— wherever I knew I needed someone to lean on.

One day, I asked him to reveal himself to me — in some way in the human world.

The next few weeks that followed— I was followed almost everywhere by cardinals. 

They would be in my tree waiting for me as I left for my morning walks.
They would dive bomb in front on me on the trails (as if to make sure I saw explicitly).

Finally, yes-it took a little while-– I thought maybe these cardinals are Jack’s way of showing himself to me.

So, the next day– as I left my house and a cardinal sat singing in the tree— I asked him point blank.

Are you Jack? 

Immediately, he said yes. 

From there, I am forever connected and surrounded by Jack— especially on my hardest days.

Almost every morning, he’s somewhere on my walk with a message. He’s with me when I don’t think I can walk through the toughest parts of a moment— almost breathing and grounding me when I don’t think I can.

I know not everyone believes in spirit guides and talking cardinals– and that’s ok.

I don’t need you to believe my truth.

However, if you ever want– you can always access your guides too. This world– as bumpy as it is right now— has some incredible magic in it that can help us do the great things we are here to do. 

I share lots of his messages out on the socials– if you ever want to hear what he is saying.

And, I’d love to share with you how you can connect to one of your guides. Schedule a soulchat with me and we can explore it together.

Thank you Jack, for everything. 

All my love,