I don’t believe in ‘healing’ the way most use it.

Like we fixed ourselves.

We are ‘healed’.

Complete, finished. Done.

I believe in transforming our relationship with our past.

Becoming tender stewards of our traumas— extracting the wisdom and carrying it forward differently.

Yes there is healing— but I often think we consider it an ‘end destination’. A box we can check that says “Once I’m healed— I’ve left all of my baggage behind. It will never visit me again. I’ve moved beyond it”.

There are some things that I believe we never heal.

We can hold them differently now—- and yet we still hold them. They visit us sometimes at our most vulnerable moments.

We honor something we didn’t get we needed along the way of this life—- and instead of it being ‘healed’— we realize we can’t use the world to make up for this hole we feel and instead come into a space of surrender, compassion and deep love.

Life is messy, non-linear and our shit doesn’t get healed into a perfect little bow.

Healing is an ever-unfolding practice of meeting ourselves in the tender places.

There are scars– both visible and invisible. And that’s okay.

We are real. We touch the fragility of being human (sometimes over and over again). And all of it makes us the unique flavor of enchantment here to be change agents of truth & love.