I had just posted a LoveTip video to Facebook yesterday morning while walking through my wooded oasis, when out of what felt like nowhere was the worst bee sting I’ve had since I was 15 and babysitting for my neighbor’s sons (funny how I remember the exact last time I was stung).

I screamed into the woods. Quite loudly out of surprise and of radiating pain. 

I couldn’t believe it– it throbbed. It ached. I was consumed by the feeling.

My mind also started throbbing– “what if I’m allergic?” “what if the stinger is still in my arm and I can’t get it out?” “what if I pass out?”.

So many thoughts and stories beginning to form like the haze of a hot humid summer afternoon.

And then the funniest thing happened— the pain subsided.  

I found this beautiful peace and space. I challenged each of the thoughts that had swirled me into a lather — with a very simple “I’m okay and if that changes, I know what to do.”

Yesterday was an amazing day —   I did 2 videos– one introducing my new channel on IGTV and another to my Love is Everywhere group on the power of thinking.  I felt energized. I felt inspired. I coached two clients and three more via email and messenger. I wrote this newsletter. I created an idea for a new program I want to unveil and I had a delicious dinner with my family.

I had the most incredible day.  I created new ideas. I coached in my love container. I played again in the woods. 

It reminds me of a beautiful nugget of wisdom someone shared with me years ago — “Pain can be the first sign of healing”.

We tend to want to retreat from the pain. Run from it. Avoid it. Spend years dancing with differing distractions because we think we can’t handle the pain.

Pain of change.
Pain of loss.
Pain of truth.
Pain of love.

Yet, I’ve discovered this is a lie. We can feel into the pain (yes this is not pleasant) and we can be okay. 

Often when we do, it’s not as bad or it doesn’t last as long as we have thought (yes, we’ve conjured up some really wild scenarios in our mind).

So the bee sting isn’t quite the same pain as I’m alluding to and yet its presence in my life yesterday was a huge reminder that we can feel pain and be okay.

If you are hurting or afraid to hurt, I can help. I can hold your hand (it’s so incredible to have a guide when you go into those sticky places with yourself).  Let’s chat if you are curious about this. 

And as always, permission to feel– all the things.  Even the scary ones- the painful ones. Because that pain can be the start of something beautiful.