As many of you know, I’ve been away in Canada this past week.

I’ve had some amazing revelations and experiences while I’ve been gone and I can’t wait to share more with you as the next few weeks unfold.

I also melted into my own bed last night– the familiar scent of home, rubbing itself around me and nestling me in close.

And I also know that without leaving home, I may get too comfortable in the nest I’ve built. 

Yes, let us curate environments that are sacred, warm and nurturing as we cross the threshold each day from the outside world in AND let us venture beyond the safety and the familiar — nudge ourselves outside of the comforting edges and be a little like a duck out of water. 

With summer upon us, I have a feeling many of us will be traveling. Will be going out beyond the routines of the ordinary day into long stretches of wide open spaces and warm lingering nights scattered with lightning bugs and hopefully some deliciously sweaty love making.

This time. This now. It’s here and it’s calling your name.

Maybe you thought about doing something different in January.

Maybe you got busy with life-ing and the whisper that maybe next year will be your year.

My love, do the things now. The adventures. The love making. The summer as only you can create for you.

Leave home— even if only through the life-changing experience of a coaching program that will nudge you bravely through a transformation— one that delivers your voice, your power— your work in the world.

I’m here– ready to dive in with you.

Swimming in paradoxes can be the best kind of summer and life I know. 

And there’s magic in joining this cause– for you, for us, for the planet.

Here’s to YOU!!! Love Always,

PS. No more waiting– start your adventure now by setting up some time to jam together.