Have I ever told you how much I love being me? Probably, huh?

What is it like being you?

Do you know?

Are you brave enough to strip away the filters? The layers that keep you safe?

I practice this every moment.

Being naked— emotionally exposed.

Sharing stories people tell me I shouldn’t.

Saying things that people wonder how I say out loud.

If you wonder if I just wake up happy every day– that is a lie.

If you wonder if I choose to create a world that I love– that is true (happy and unhappy moments).

If you wonder if I am ever scared– yup, all the time.

I just don’t let fear keep me in the box of socially accepted expectations.

I do the scary things with the fear sidled up in my ear and in my chest and I listen to the energy of my heart– let her power guide me.

I want to break the box.

If it means setting me and others free, let’s break the structures that are hiding our true genius.

Bravery is not something you just do.

It’s a practice of being.

You can practice it too.

One little thing today– to scrape through a filter.

To honor who you most want to be in this world.

To move beyond settling, compromise, playing small.

To summons your power, your magic, your love.

I can help you and you can also do it on your own.

And if you are looking for some inspiration this week, check out Brene Brown’s Netflix special– it’s an awesome shot of courage!

All my love,

PS. Want to know how to summons your courage? To use it to walk into a scary situation, experience or change? I’ve got you. Let’s talk.