I used to loathe January.  It meant that I had to find another diet to begin.  I forced myself every year to be that person.  The one that goes to the gym religiously for 3 weeks and then quits.  The one that throws everything out of my pantry that could tempt me and fill it with foods that were “supposed” to be the right ones. Of course, that changed every year.  I can remember Weight Watchers— before points. Back then it was portion control.  Then Jenny Craig— that was my first foray into packaged food– ugh.  Then Weight Watchers again with points (which by the way, never worked for me).

Add in a dose of Atkins, low-fat, no carb, Paleo, South Beach and you name it all else– and I have spent most of my life on a diet.  Except that a HUGE part of me no more wanted to be on the latest trendy path with the masses than I wanted to stick an ice pick in my eye.

Even when I had been diagnosed with Diabetes and I lost over 100 lbs, I was on a diet.  It hasn’t stopped until I decided to sign up for Susan Hyatt’s BARE program.  If I am being 100% honest with you— I had signed up for her Weight School program two years’ prior and manipulated even that to be a diet.

Why?  Because I was always and still catch myself today– looking for the solution outside of myself.  Looking for a diet to “fix” me– to heal me.  And yet, at every weight I’ve been– it’s never been about the weight.  The diets and the scale and the weight— they are a beautiful distraction for really looking inside of myself and showing up in the world the way that my gifts ask me to.  That scares the shit out of me— being vulnerable, playing big— I’d rather focus on what’s wrong with me.  That I need another diet to solve me.

BARE changed my life. It still is.  I haven’t lived 42 years in this diet culture that wants me to stay stuck here — to shed it in an instant.  However, there is hope.  There are small steps every day that I can take that are helping to re-program me.

I want to offer that to you too.  I want you to feel the freedom, the peace that letting go of the eternal search for “the fix” brings.  It doesn’t solve everything.  It doesn’t make my life instantly sweeter.  Nope.  Life is still here — and the nagging request to have me bring my bold ass self here is even louder without a diet distraction.

Curious about BARE?  I have a new program starting in February (yes, I couldn’t bring myself to align it with the January mindset).  I’d love for you to be here with us.  Email me and let’s talk.  Make this the year that you embrace you — in all that imperfect beauty– no diet required.