As many of you know— I believe this year is all about going out and kissing a new adventure. Remember those butterflies we felt when we were young and something we loved tickled our heart strings? Sweet 16 is here to help us uncover those desires hidden underneath our pillows (the ones that maybe we only dream about).

What can we do today— this month– and this year that will make our skin tingle and our bodies smile from the inside?
Answer this one question . . . if Sweet ’16 was my last year here, I would . . . .

No pressure either— holding the answer to that question and allowing it space to breathe is a perfect first step.
Instead of thinking about adding one more thing to a probably crowded to-do list— can you take something away that leaves space for this new adventure to percolate?

And then ask yourself this “what is one little tiny step I can take toward this adventure?” Maybe it’s doing some research online, or asking a friend a question, or finding something in daily life that would also give you that same feeling as your answer . . .

Our inner wise selves know the steps and the way.

They are waiting for us to get all giggly again— it is not only safe desire– it is part of our calling to go out and find something worthy of our kiss!