July is a hot month.  We’ve been waiting since January for it’s arrival.  The anticipation of slower days, long lingering evenings in twilight, and sitting around in our bathing suits enjoying our friends and sipping something worth savoring.

Anything stand out for you in that visual?  Most of us do not eagerly await parading our bodies in near-naked fashion. In fact, I have even sabotaged my own fun because of my desire to stay hidden.  Why?  Because I’ve heard a voice in there that recounts in painful detail all of my physical flaws.  I used to let that stop me from really enjoying myself and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard people I love and complete strangers alike tell of similar tales.

No more. I want my summer and my fun more than I want to sabotage my own hot, sweaty adventures by staying covered.

Sometimes living boldly is leaning in to the vulnerability of being seen.  

And it can start with showing some skin and pouring a bucket of ice water on that voice, you know the one.

What does your summer lovin’ look like?

  • kissing anything that looks like it needs your kiss (bonus points for mascots or lovers)
  • packing light and heading to the beach on a days’ notice
  • rummaging through a kitchen drawer to find enough money to buy an ice cream or snowball when the temps hit triple digits!
  • perusing the local farmer’s markets for fresh peaches and corn (and pleading with a loved one to whip up something delicious)
What’s on your list? Share with me!
as first published in Fabulousity