I recently discovered a little self-help loop hole that wasn’t working so well for me and a new tool to recalibrate myself in the moment. I wholeheartedly want to share it in hopes that it works for others too.

A few weeks’ ago, I had been invited to participate in a sweat lodge. I was equal parts terrified and excited. Months’ earlier, I had been sitting with an amazing spiritual guide and in our time together, I pulled an angel card from one of her decks. It was the sweat lodge card.

At the time, I knew no one who had a sweat lodge and the idea of burning off all of my toxins — at all the levels– sounded intriguing. Honestly, I thought this card was more of a metahpor for me which suited me just fine.

So, here I was with what I believed was a sign– Stacey, here’s your sweat lodge. My mind instantly believed that I needed to do it.

And yet the whole time I sat with the idea in my deeper intuitive self, I never felt quite right about it. Something very deep was saying no.

Here’s where it gets interesting. 

Instead of honoring that deeper feeling and saying no, I tried to coach myself through to the answer I thought I should have.

There is a nuanced difference between truth and fear– and I am baby stepping my way with this learning. A good friend asked me “Stace, how did you know the difference?”.

I don’t have the perfect answer. Here’s what I know– truth in my body feels different than fear.  

What I am learning is that I can’t coach myself through, around or over truth.  

Coaches love tools. I do too when they are simple and they resonate.

When I was knee-deep in trying to disown my truth last week, I wanted a simple guidepost. Instantly, three words came to me.

Stop. Breathe. Love. 

  • Stop in the moment and check in with yourself.
  • Breathe in the present and presence — and allow yourself to slow down.
  • Invite Love in. What feels most like love — to be in this moment? (notice the word be– no doing) What feels like love’s truth?

So my lovelies, you can see I’m practicing lots of love this week. Another truth I realized is that I am tired of being a project. And I think this truth was what was underneath my desire to skip the sweat lodge this time around.

To give myself permission to have a lazy Sunday morning with the love of my life and to feel that connection with him. That was my love truth in that moment.