What does the little voice inside your head have to say about you eating cake on your birthday?

Having my birthday last week reminded me about the conversation in many of our heads that goes like this “I can be “bad” this weekend– it’s my birthday and I get to eat things I don’t normally allow myself”.

I’ve been guilty of labeling myself as “good or bad” depending on the scale number. Depending on what I put in my body today. Depending if I exercise. I make my worth and value aligned with a daily report card of whether I “fell in line”.

This constant self-assessment that assigns my worthiness and enoughness in the world based on “good and bad” is exhausting. And I never “win”. I don’t want to play this game anymore.

I want to be seen and heard and loved as I am showing up in the world. Because I have big desires this year — and the distraction focused on “whether I was good today because I didn’t have any sugar” takes me away from showing up and doing big things. It’s my fear talking– and she can be mean.

How do we undo years of this war we waged within ourselves? How do we come undone and into love?

If you are interested — even in the tiniest way— this is where BARE comes in.

NO diets, no detoxes– real conversations. Gotta get a little naked to find that voice that loves, that encourages, that desires.

Contact me if you are interested in my next BARE class– it’s all over the phone so you can participate wherever you are.
I promise you will walk away with insight that your inner wise self has been wanting to share with you for so long. She is waiting for you — and she’s all about dropping the shield, leaving the battlefield– once and for all.