How often have you asked yourself  “should I stay or should I go?”. Maybe you are asking this right now.

Clients and friends (and pretty much everyone I’ve met all my life) ask me this question over and over.

Could be about their job, their relationship, their chosen city– I’ve fielded so many sticky questions that feel like a tangled glob about what to do and when.

It may sound counter-intuitive as a coach– but I never know the answer. 

I do know that you know. 

And maybe you don’t know the answer to that big question of a major life change— but you do know what the next right step is.

Sometimes that is just sitting with the question and feelings and observing.

So many people think I’m going to say JUMP — do it right now.

But that’s hardly ever the next step.

Getting curious and truthful and still— those are usually in the immediate mix and not as sexy as the ‘big gesture’, I know.

When I left my marriage– the idea came to me 2 years before I actually walked out the door.

And that timing (although at the time felt heavy and drawn out)– was exactly what I needed for me.

I had some things to do within me first.

I wasn’t clear when the idea first came to me– and I honored that I didn’t know what to do for quite a long time.

I am impatient by nature— I like quick resolutions. Answers now.

But, in truth— the more I slow down (and my clients too), the quicker life unfolds with ease rather than force.

So, if you are asking a big question right now– that is AWESOME!! 

Big questions arrive to help us get clear about what really matters to us– no matter the eventual choice and answer. 

Take your time and honor the confusion– it’s not here to make you suffer but to let you know the path you are creating is without rush. You can’t mess it up (and I love remembering that along the way).

I love big questions and would love to help you unlock your next steps with greater ease.

Every woman — whether in small or large meltdowns— has gotten amazing results with me as a guide.

I’d love for that to be you too. Let’s talk about all the things.