You saw the most interesting bumper sticker in front of you today and you wonder if it really was a message meant for you or just a weird coincidence. How do you really know what is a sign and what isn’t in a world full of messages, signs and information everywhere we look?

In today’s episode, Stacey shares an easy way to spot the signs in your everyday life — by using the things around you that seem the weirdest. In fact the weirder the better she believes because when you stop and pause for something unusual- you are already half way there in receiving the sign.

Listen in as Stacey shares:

  • how to spot intuitive messages meant for you
  • a few of the weird signs she’s received that were spot on messages helping her get clear and grounded about important life decisions
  • ideas for how to build your confidence around interpreting those signs specifically in a moment

And as always– pull only ONE THING from listening or watching this podcast– the thing that supports you in trusting yourself and your gifts.

More about Stacey: Stacey is an intuitive (yup, psychic) coach and a channel for healing who wants to invite you to be part of the practical magic that is shifting this planet through messy, human-soulful love. If you want to work with Stacey —- especially if you are curious how you can step more fully into your soul’s calling and have global impact with your, check out Stacey’s 1:1 Leap of Faith program. If you want your own psychic reading, email Stacey. And if you want to part of the practical magic on the daily, join Stacey’s private free FB group, Everyday Enchantment, where she shares tips and ideas for expanding your intuitive gifts, creating more impact with your work in the world and HAVING FUN in the process.



About Everyday Enchantment

Everyday Enchantment is a podcast for intuitive beings ready to create more ease and joy in their daily lives. Learn how to tap into an underdeveloped superpower we all have—enchantment. Hosted by Master Coach and Intuitive Stacey Andon, this show is for every person curious how they can expand their intuitive gifts without making it complicated or skipping over the being human part of life. Join Stacey each week for stories, lively conversations and juicy bits of intuitive wisdom that will get you inspired and reconnected with your life’s own magic.