The world needs your flavor of magic, always

Hello Beautiful Being. I’m glad you’re here.

You are welcome in this space of belonging.

You’ve come to the right place if you’ve been feeling like life is pretty good and yet there’s still something calling you— out beyond what you’ve already created. 

Image of Stacey laughing with a female client and holding her hand to her heart

Leap of Faith

By all acounts, you are super accomplished. You think “I should be happy exactly as I am“. And yet, there’s this feeling deep within you that there’s something more in store for you– and it isn’t more of what you’ve already done. 

You feel you are being called to serve in a different way. Maybe you aren’t sure yet what that looks like or how it could even be possible with all you already have on your plate. . . I get it and I’ve been there too.

However, that calling isn’t going to stop nudging you.  It’s inviting you to take a Leap of Faith. 

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Explore Your Intuitive Gifts

I bet you have a really amazing oracle deck or two in your office or bedroom drawer. You’ve pulled cards before but wondered “am I doing this right?”. You are super interested in all things intuition — you’ve read books– you’ve taken some courses. But you still find yourself a bit out of your element when you try them with clients or intentionally in your life.

The School of Magic is here to help you hone the foundation of your intuitive skills & techniques. With one specific topic each week, learn and integrate these technqiues with real-time feedback, answers to your questions and ideas for your own integration along the way.

Join Heart-Centered Community

In a world where we are more connected than ever, sometimes I still feel like I’m standing outside the world looking in– craving a safe and sacred place to express my intuitive gifts. It’s why I created Everyday Enchantment, a FB community, where women who are smart, highly intuitive and quietly ambitious support each other. 

Here is a safe space to develop and expand your intuitive gifts while getting support from a loving community. 



Dear Love,

I see you– out there doing your thing in the world. Making art, healing souls, building the new way forward on this planet.

Sometimes it can feel like it’s never enough– or you aren’t doing it ‘right’ or you have no idea where to go next.

Stop for a  moment. Take a breath. Hang out under the trees or wherever your soul feels home.

You are already whole and complete, right now in this moment.

Nothing more needs to be done for you to be the magic that is you.

You are ready to create the path– not follow someone else’s.

It’s all within you — and unlocking the next step (if there is one) can be more fun and easier than you think.


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