Isn’t it true that the world at large has rewarded you for following the rules, playing along with the group expectations, and being a ‘good girl’ since you took your first breath on this planet.

So when you feel called to openly share your intuition at work or even amongst friends— sometimes it feels like a betrayal to who you’ve said you are and how you’ve played the game of life so far – like somehow you’re now ‘crazy’.

So instead of boldly embracing this new departure from all the rules that you’ve realized don’t fit you anymore—- you start to pretend a little more. Smile less or ‘put on a smile’.

You wonder if you are crazy or how you’re ever going to feel truly happy again.

It seems easier to pretend that you’re still okay with all the ways you’re supposed to show up and be a woman that is liked, respected and successful rather than to announce to everyone around you that you aren’t that person anymore.

Here’s the thing—- you don’t have to completely abandon who you’ve already been to step into and use your intuitive gifts.

You don’t have to make grand announcements or quit your job, marriage, life.

There are easier ways for you to explore this nudge.

It begins with less pretending and oodles of compassion to the you that has brought you to this moment.

Leaps of faith start by honoring that you can re-choose (or choose anew) for your life ANYTIME YOU WANT.

The first step is knowing that the nudge doesn’t want to make you suffer—- it wants to keep the flow of these moments here on Earth as meaningful to you as possible (vs. some prescribed life that someone else has deemed your path). Trusting it is nudging you (always) toward a life worth living— all the way through.