Feeling burnt out at work lately? You aren’t alone. Some research shows that over 89% of us have been feeling burnt out in the last year alone– that’s almost everyone– we’re all feeling it. And yet we all wonder– what is the solution? How do we move beyond hustle and grind and find a better rhythm for our lives?

In today’s episode, Stacey is joined by Helen Young-McLaughlin, an ICF-certified leadership development coach, who is on a personal mission to infuse mindfulness and overall well-being into the leadership culture of our workplaces. Whether you are a leader, manager or work for one– this episode is about finding your own way that puts you first AND helps you get your work done minus the burn-out.

Listen in as Stacey and Helen jam about:

  • the messiness of the current corporate climate — including mass resignations, quiet quitting and large lay-offs
  • the role our nervous systems play in reducing stress and managing the day-to-day world of competing and urgent demands, including some simple steps you can put in place today to let go of that stress you’re holding
  • how to make space to take meaningful breaks during your work day consistently (without compromising quality)
  • adding healthy boundaries back from the Covid-work-era so that you’re not always “on” even when you’re making breakfast or meeting up with friends over dinner

More about Helen: Helen Young-McLaughlin is CEO and founder of The Leverage Academy, a program designed to help companies invest in developing the superpowers of their leadership teams. As an ICF-certified leadership development coach, her passion is to transform middle managers into a company’s most valuable asset. Learn how your company can be part of Helen’s incredible Leverage Academy and all things Helen Young Coaching ⁠by visiting her website⁠ and ⁠connecting with her on LinkedIn.⁠

And as always– pull only ONE THING from listening or watching this podcast– the thing that supports you in trusting yourself and your gifts.

More about Stacey: Stacey is an intuitive (yup, psychic) coach and a channel for healing who wants to invite you to be part of the practical magic that is shifting this planet through messy, human-soulful love. If you want to work with Stacey —- especially if you are curious how you can step more fully into your soul’s calling and have global impact with your, check out Stacey’s 1:1 Leap of Faith program. If you want your own psychic reading, email Stacey. And if you want to part of the practical magic on the daily, join Stacey’s private free FB group, Everyday Enchantment, where she shares tips and ideas for expanding your intuitive gifts, creating more impact with your work in the world and HAVING FUN in the process.



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