This is a year to unleash yourself without exception.

Without explanation– to others, to the world.

To be true to thyself– and let one’s own inner gps/soul systems guide you to what you most desire to be here while you are here.

We think can make other people feel something– and they have the power to make us feel.

This is untrue.

We’ve been taught it’s true. “He made me so mad…..” or “You made me so upset…..”

We give our power away when we let others control how we want to be in relationship with our lives.

I’m here to change all that.

To show the world what isn’t true.

To empower you to find your truth.

To shed light on the illusions — that have kept us imprisoned, constricted, submissive and probably exhausted.

This is an invitation to unlock your magic– your purest love — while you are here.

To change the planet—- to shift the narrative– not to some other version— but to its truest essence.

What does that mean for you? Does it make your head ache (good, because we aren’t talking right now to the head– she uses the past to create truth)—

find a quiet spot. feel your feet on the ground. put your hand on your heart. breathe. rest. breathe. follow the rhythm of your breathing.

And then ask.

What is true? Who am I? How can I be of service here? What is getting in my way?”

Snuggle up to any fears and know you can move with them.

I’m here with you to hold your hand.

Love you,

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