“Nothing tastes as good as thin feels”– have you heard this mantra before?

First off— being thin can feel like a million things. At my thinnest, I was in so much pain. I was navigating a difficult dis-entanglement from my husband, managing a serious health diagnosis and exploring who the heck I wanted to be going forward. There were a lot of tears and boredom and anger. That’s part of how thin felt for me. Even though I am smiling in this pic– feeling a whole lot more like Eeyore.

We think that once we reach the “perfect weight” we will experience nirvana — the kind that has evaded us and the kind that we’ve chased like pushing the rock up the hill only to find we never get to the top.

It never happens. Because feeling something is always a choice and we never have to rely on an external circumstance (a number of the scale, a dress size, a soulmate, the perfect job) to feel amazing or to feel crappy. We can feel it at any time. And that my friends is freedom.

And it can scare the bejesus out of us because this means it is always our choice.
How do we get to this place? How do we feel the way we want to feel even if we are showing up in our physical selves in a way we want to change?

BARE. It is an entry point into this self discovery process. It is about going places within ourselves that unlocks the freedom. It is not a promise of all rainbows, unicorns and “happy”. It is real and authentic and a swirl of the human experience wrapped within the spiritual realm of love.

I can’t wait to offer the next class. PM if you are interested and the awesome thing is that I can also offer you private sessions if you want you all to yourself!!

Happy Day my lovelies!!!