a sacred community for coaches, creatives, enterpreneurs & leaders


Practice intuitive living by honoring your soul’s callings

Join us this Fall 


small intuitive intimacy where you can step into your whole being

During our time as MapMakers you will:

expand your own inner guidance system to enhance your decision-making confidence and clarity

make space for yourself to breathe and be in seasonal flow with your mind, body and spirit (savoring the unique energy of Fall)

step more boldly into your soul’s callings without adding more to do

connect with other soul-led women who are here to support and honor you as you are

Connect with yourself and others without the masks

It’s okay if you are skeptical about another group program.

This isn’t a typical mastermind or maybe it isn’t one at all. 


Have you ever:

wished it was easier to ‘know’ what next step to take without all the second guessing?

wanted a clearer way to connect with your intuition that helped guide your work and your life?

desired the ability to slow down without losing your creative superpowers?

looked for amazing community that supported & encouraged you to be weirdly YOU? 

wanted to be intentionally connected to the season (using the energies of Fall to guide your work & life)?

Then, MapMakers is for YOU.

Ditch Curriculum for Soul-Led Wisdom Instead

Stacey is a Master-Certified Life Coach and Reiki Master who brings love, laughter and mysticism to the programs she creates. Her wisdom and expertise in using your intuition will make learning, practicing and implementating an enchanting experience.

Safe spaces where the practical meets the magical are Stacey’s specialty. For almost 10 years, Stacey has led groups like this— where power comes from community and the miracles come easily from within. Ditch the hustle of a traditional mastermind in favor of discovering the depth of your own wisdom. 

Stacey not only brought her magic to the process but invited each of us to share our own intuitive gifts with the group.

I joined Stacey’s spring 2023 MapMakers group not really sure what to expect but wanting a fresh way of looking at myself, my work, and my impact in the world, which is exactly what I got in the simplest and easiest of ways.

It seems cliché to say, but we truly do have everything we need right inside ourselves and MapMakers is a great way to not only remind yourself of that, but to bring it forward in ways that come easily and naturally to us.

Karen C.L. Anderson

If you’d like to understand YOUR own magic better & be guided through simple tools to access your magic with more ease, Map Makers is for you. 

I joined Map Makers because I LOVE Stacey knowing I would get something important from being in her group, even if I wasn’t sure what that might be. At the end of Map Makers I walked away with a new level of trust in myself and a clearer, deeper understanding of my own intuitive knowing.

With each call I walked away thinking about how to understand myself, my work and other people in my world in new ways. I was challenged – through Stacey’s absolutely magical brand  of love, and with kindness – to expand myself and my understanding of myself in ways that will serve me, do serve me, forever forward.

Sara Torpey

MapMakers’ Practical Matters

MapMakers was created for women just like you. This program is designed to make connecting to your intuition as simple as brushing your teeth in a group designed to love and support you along the way.

This program is comprised of 6, 75-minute live Zoom calls, where there will be channeled messages, meditation and guided conversations around topics you want to explore.

Dates of the calls are as follows: September 14th and 28th, October 12th and 26th and November 9th and 30th. All calls will take place at 12:15pm (ET) for approx. 75 minutes.

Calls will be recorded and shared in the private FB group where magic ensues all season. 

Program Cost: $616 (pay in full or 3-month payment plan)

Sample Topic Conversations (nothing is scripted– Stacey honors the group and her own guidance for each call):

  • Expanding Your Intuitive Gifts
  • Interpreting Messages and Signs specifically meant for you
  • Intuitive Body Wisdom: Interpreting Your Body’s Messages
  • Connecting to Animal and Spirit Guides
  • Taking Exceptional Care of Your Aura and Energy Fields
  • The Intuitive Energies of Color: Including Chakra Messages
  • Intuitive Dream Analysis
  • Questions and Topics You Have

    The Fall is the Time for You

    If you are ready to relax into Fall with soul-led community around you, stepping out further onto your own path and into your soul’s calling — this program is for you. 

    All payments are processed through PayPal, so you’ll be able to use your credit card, PayPal balance, or eCheck. All payments are 100% secure.

    I’m standing by to help if there are tech hiccups, payment issues, or anything else. If you have any issues, email me at stacey@staceyandon.com.

    *Pay in Full or 3-Month Payment Plan Option

    (for payment plan, email Stacey at stacey@staceyandon.com to get setup).

    **All prices in USD

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

     What is your refund policy?

    • Once you purchase the program, your payment is non-refundable.

    Who would most benefit from this program?

    • This program is for woo-skeptics, woo-lovers and everyone who wants to have more fun discovering how they can use their intuition to become powerful creators of their lives.

    I’m standing by to help if you have any additional questions not listed here. Please email me at stacey@staceyandon.com.