The holidays can be a time of great joy– but let’s be honest– there’s usually some disappointment in there too. Maybe we’d rather skip over that part– where we feel disappointed or we disappoint others—however, there is some hidden magic in feeling and honoring what is true for us in a moment.

In this episode, Stacey gets real and honest about managing disappointment during this time of year. Your default may to think positive thoughts and focus on what is working— however this can quickly be a recipe to bypass our emotions and forget how much compassion and grace we have within us that is ready at the quick to support us in any moment.

Listen in to find out how to lean in the imperfect moments we all have (try on 20 outfits for a holiday party anyone?) and how to feel more ease and peace even when you are challenging other people’s opinions and expectations of you.

Now is the time to be more loving to ourselves and make up some new guidelines for how we can embrace the imperfections and messiness of the close of a year and have some rockin’ fun too.

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