Live the Day 

About a month ago, I went to see an amazing healer for an energy treatment.

She told me something I already knew.

Part of you has surrendered to life.  The other part of you is in the row boat ferversihly rowing in order to make things happen. 

You can put down the oars” she said.

You can let the river run over you, through you, with you, under you. 

Does this resonate? she asked.  Uhm, yes I thought, as the tears trickled down the sides of my cheeks into the depths of my soul.

You see I’ve carried this weighted burden of thought my whole life– “I can do it but it’s going to be an exhausting struggle in the process”.

That thought– which created my reality— wore my ass out.

It has accompanied all of my achievements. I packaged joy with strife, struggle, difficulty, exhaustion. A beautiful example of this was when I finished my master’s degree— with a full-time job, two part-time jobs, and a desire to have a 4.0.  I ended up with pneumonia for 2 months because of all the rowing I was doing (And it is no surprise I found myself sick again this week).

I shared this experience with K last week while we were on vacation. He quickly agreed with all of this.

He lovingly remarked… You are so busy rowing you are missing the day. Live the Day, Stacey- the rest is not on you to figure out. 

I realized I have been bringing force along with me in all my endeavors because I learned that way back when (when I was an adorable little person who did the best she could with what she had in those moments) and never realized I had the power to change it.

My rowing, my force was fear.  Fear that I had to do it all myself or it wouldn’t actually work or happen. Force was my lack of trust in myself. Force was trying to stop the “other shoe” from falling.

I’m leaning in to a big new truth– that loving surrender is power that doesn’t need force. Because love is not a prisoner of fear. 

So, in the spirit of playing with power vs. force in April, I am going off the grid this month to rest, heal and align my energies bodies with all the magic I’ve been creating the past few months– so that I can serve myself and the planet in the best ways I know how.

How can I ask you to do such brave things if I’m not willing to do them too? 

With my new website, coaching offerings and other goodies– I want to be in well-being to serve up love & magic to all of us!

If you need me, please reach out.  I will be a light shadow on social media until early May.

Living the Day (K-style!),