Hello beautiful beings!

I can’t stop thinking about my trip to Canada two weeks’ ago.

It was mind-blowing– which I think we need more of these days. Moving from the mind and its stories down into the energy of our hearts– a daily practice for me.

That energy seems to move me in ways I never even thought possible. 

I’m going to share a very personal story with you today– because its message isn’t just mine– it is for all of us. 

While in Canada, I attended a women’s retreat in honor of the full moon and opening our throat chakras- the event was called Vishuddha – which is Sanskit for the throat chakra.

The first night, we gathered in a great hall (think Hogwarts for Goddesses like us).

The owner of the retreat center shared how we are on hallow, sacred ground. She then proceeded to call in our grandmothers, our ancestors and all spirits for our highest good for this event.

I, of course, was following along– but from a very general belief that our grandmothers and others were with us.

The evening unfolded beautifully with a meaningful discussion on how we use our voices in the world.  How we may be scared to stand in our power– the power that rises from our soul and moves through us (vs. the kind that comes through the head, aka the ego). But that it is time to move with the fear and do it anyway.

Two hours later, one of the women leaders shared that we would end the evening in song.

All of a sudden the entire group of women– 60+, were singing Somewhere Over the Rainbow.

This song is my grandmother’s life song– her favorite. The one we sang at her grave site, about two months’ ago when we said good-bye to her. 

As soon as the words began, I began sobbing. Quite loudly too– I think everyone heard me.

But, I couldn’t let the part of me that worried about what people would think be the part of me that was in charge in that moment. In fact, it was important to allow myself to be me in that moment– to give myself and everyone in the room permission to feel all the feels (yes, this sounds great when we speak about it— the practice of doing it, a whole new level of being all in). 

I let it all go. Loud, howl-like sobbing. My grandmother was here— and she wanted me to know it in no uncertain terms. 

Then, interestingly enough, my two cousins (both have passed in the recent years from tragic circumstances) came through too. We played this song at their funerals as well.

They told me that I needed to be brave and speak for them and all the other women who no longer had a voice. 

As I’m writing this now to you, I’m crying again. It is a very powerful moment– even to relive it.

The next morning I awoke at a very strange time for me (5:45am)– those who know me well, know I am not a morning person.

I felt nudged to go out and watch the sunrise on the dock of the lake where I was staying.

As the sun rose in front of me and all around me, the song came through me again.

And at the very end, where the line says “birds fly over the rainbow, why oh why can’t I?”….I heard again my grandmother’s voice and she said “You can fly over the rainbow and you will”.

So for all of us that have held our tongues, softened ourselves for others, been afraid to be who we really are—- I’m here to be the messenger…..

We can fly over the rainbow— and we can do it together. 

Not sure how to get started— join me for a special event in my Love is Everywhere FB group (it’s free and private) where we explore our voices and deepen our self-love practices starting this Monday, June 3rd.

All my love,

PS. Want to play with your rainbow flight? Set up some time to chat together.