Years ago, I was driving home from NJ and came upon a car in the slow lane that was so weighted down with belongings, I was surprised it was drive-able.

There was a big, almost duffel bag style thing hanging over the edges of the roof and I had to stare intently to see the people inside because the windows revealed stuff almost to the interior roof-line.

As I watched them waddle along, I heard “the voice”. This is the voice of my inner wise self (or maybe even a guide) that speaks to me very clearly and in my own voice (which I’ve really desired to sound more like the Wizard of Oz’s booming voice– but we all know that illusion– so I practice accepting wisdom in my own voice).

The voice said “travel lightly”.

No more details or explanation.

I sat with that phrase for a while—and didn’t rush trying to have the meaning of the message figured out.

It came to me once I created space.

I realized all the ways I had jam-crammed myself like that car.

Have you ever felt like this? That what we carry is interrupting that connection with presence?

That our intuition may not be as clear as it could be.

So, I spent much of my time driving asking “What can I let go of“?

I’ve been coming back to this over and over the past few years –letting go.

Letting go of things.

Letting go of toxic relationships.

Letting go of people pleasing.

Letting go of things I used to love.

Letting go of the way I held the past as the story of my life.

Sometimes the first step in letting go of the emotional baggage we all hold can be to declutter a small space in your house.

It may sound simple, however, our outer worlds are deeply connected to our inner ones. When you intentionally decide to clear out a space that feels disorganized, too full or even chaotic, you shift the energy everywhere in your life.

I will never lie to you and say this is an easy process – ease invites the un-ease too. That’s okay— we can navigate that too.

The reward is freedom and peace that begins from within and ooh it feels like flying instead of dragging down the interstate of life.