Leap of Faith

A customized mentoring journey for women who feel called to step into the next version of themselves, hone their spiritual gifts, and make a global impact with their work.

Expand who you are and how you want to use your unique gifts on this planet with greater ease & confidence

Does this sound familiar?

  You have accomplished great things in your work and have a full life, but something has changed recently. You feel you are being called to serve in a different way.

✨ You already have a good thing going, so you may feel confused about feeling called to something new.

✨ You have a natural gift that you love to work with but keep it in the closet because you don’t want to be seen as too woo woo or lacking credibility.

✨ You’re finding it difficult to see how you could integrate the spiritual practices you do privately with your public work.

✨  You’d like to step more into your intuitive gifts and feel confident with acting on the information you receive.

In our work together I’ll support you to …

Have clarity about what serving in a new way could look like and how that could fit in with your existing lifestyle.

Identify what commitments it’s time to step back from in order to make room for what’s calling you.

Be more clear and confident about how to hone and use your intuitive gifts, so you can trust yourself more than you trust anyone else.

Explore how you can bring your intuitive gifts and spiritual practices into your professional and community work.

Know the next actions to channel your time and energy into, so you can step into the next version of yourself.

It’s time to take the leap.

What makes me the right coach & mentor for you?

I too am quietly ambitious, but on my own terms and without the burnout & hustle 

I blend the practicality of being a human with intuitive practices- this is about how it can work for you as a human as much as it is about honoring your soul-life 

Like you, I used to keep all of my spiritual gifts in the closet and I know how to let them out with intention 

Uncomfortable Truths - Podcast Episode 2

If you’re a women on the edge of change and seek guidance to surrender to your soul’s mission, Stacey has divine gifts to help you.  

Stacey helps women re-frame and shift away from old paradigms that may have you stuck in fear, in order to lead a life awakened by the heart — with the confidence to trust your intuition as a compass!

Unee Washington

Working with Stacey has been one of the best investments that I have ever made and I cannot imagine NOT working with her!

The transformation in my life, my business and my being is far beyond what I expected and far beyond my wildest dreams at the time. I NOW understand that my possibilities are infinite and I really CAN be, do or have my greatest desires met with ease, grace and FLOW!

Debb Cobb

What you receive inside this offering:

✨ Choose what’s best for you:

  • a single Leap of Faith Session (one 60 minute stand-alone session that helps you gain clarity on a specific topic)
  • a customized 3 or 6 Month Mentoring Program with me as your guide; sessions can be weekly or bi-monthly 

 Email support during office hours

✨ Channeled messages as prompted by Spirit

✨ Time and space to explore your next evolution

 A sacred place that allows you to be yourself without filters, censors or expectations

✨ An intuitive guide who knows you have the everything you need within you to take this leap of faith

    Ready to get started?

    Here are your options:

    Single Stand Alone Sessions and Customized Programs based on what you need and want 

    Let’s chat about what’s right for you— schedule a casual call with me (I promise no hard-sells, ever). 

    All payments are processed through PayPal, so you’ll be able to use your credit card, PayPal balance, or eCheck. All payments are 100% secure. Pay in full and monthly payment plans are available. 

    If you have any questions, email me at stacey@staceyandon.com.

    Uncomfortable Truths - Podcast Episode 2

    **All prices in USD

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

     What is your refund policy?

    Once you purchase a session or a program, your payment is non-refundable.

    Will you make me take the leap? 

    As a coach, I never know what’s best for you– only you do. This isn’t about forcing you to make a change or take a leap that doesn’t feel aligned with yourself. Some clients make little leaps, some huge bold leaps and some discover that no leap is needed and that the transformation occurs for them from within.

    How do I know if I’m ready? 

    The best answer to this question is that there’s a part of us that never thinks we’re ready. So, I encourage you to listen to the part of yourself that that is grounded and connected to your heart, your gut– the place that knows things. It isn’t about having no fears– fear is a natural part of this process. It’s about the part of you that knows it doesn’t feel excited about waking up in this same place, same life— 10 years from now and is curious where this nudge will lead them.

    I’m standing by to help if you have any additional questions not listed here. Please email me at stacey@staceyandon.com.