Yoga seems to be an integral part of my year thus far.

Funny enough, 3 years’ ago one of my very trusted advisers recommended it to me as part of a spiritual practice that may be supportive for me.

I ignored her words (shhh, don’t tell her). 

Well, maybe not altogether– but I for sure, didn’t prioritize them.

Enter this year. I’ve done more yoga in the past few months than in the last few years.

I even wrote a very personal piece about the discomfort of one particular class I attended– which was just published this week. Check it out here. 

This week again, I find myself in a yoga class– Kundalini, which is SO me. The meditation component, the breathing, the energy work– YES, YES and well, there is also some UGH too. 

Do you find like me that the ugh moments are chop full of insight if we don’t judge ourselves?

So, here I am– doing a kriya and realizing that the inhale is easy.  Breathing it all in— yup, I do that.

Releasing it— letting it go….. yea, not so much.

I was holding my breath 

How often do I, we, do this?

Hold it all in? Let it keep coming in without the release valve?

So often. 

Here was a moment, an invitation to do it differently.

To practice an easier release. 

To let it all go– deep exhale (not just a quasi-effort). 

Summer– these next few months-– an invitation for all of us to drop some of the weight of our thoughts and actions —- the in-taking with little exhaling, the doing-without-resting energy. 

I’m going to practice and would love to do it together. 

I’ve even cooked up some delicious ways for us to be together: 

  • Online: Come play with my FREE, virtual class in Love is Everywhere. We meet on Mondays– an opportunity to strengthen our voices and our self-love muscles. 
  • Custom Just for You: Get your very own customized message through an Oracle Reading or sign up for a 1:1 coaching program to get the specific support you need.

90 days from now, my intention is that I exhaled– intentionally every day.

I’d love to hear what you want to create this summer.

Breathing with Love,

PS.  Now is the time to do the things (you know the ones). I can help— set up some time to jam together.