Welcome to the Everyday Enchantment podcast!

In this short trailer, your host Stacey Andon will give a fun overview about what this podcast is all about.

For anyone who’s ever wondered how to blend their soul magic with the practicality of being human– this is Everyday Enchantment. And it’s a lot easier to create for yourself than you think– in each episode, you will get tips, conversations and other fun ideas for how to use your intuition in daily life. Stacey will teach you how to fall in love with the life you have– not the one you have to hustle to make happen.

To jam about this episode or anything enchantment related, come join Stacey’s free private, FB group, Everyday Enchantment. And if you’d like to get your coaching session with Stacey and learn more about her offerings, check out Coach with Stacey on this website to find out all the details.



About Everyday Enchantment

Everyday Enchantment is a podcast for intuitive beings ready to create more ease and joy in their daily lives. Learn how to tap into an underdeveloped superpower we all have—enchantment. Hosted by Master Coach and Intuitive Stacey Andon, this show is for every person curious how they can expand their intuitive gifts without making it complicated or skipping over the being human part of life. Join Stacey each week for stories, lively conversations and juicy bits of intuitive wisdom that will get you inspired and reconnected with your life’s own magic.