I see you.

Your worry, your concern, your keep-going-don’t-stop exhaustion.

You are an emotional warrior right now. 

Your family, your work, your pets, your home– everyone is looking to you to be reassured, for entertainment, for meals and laundry and Zoom schedules.

Adding things to your purse and car— masks, hand sanitizers and maybe even potty seats.

Even the weekends, aren’t the solace that they once were.

The deep rest of a day off or a vacation hasn’t the same flavor.

Your care is carrying a bigger weight.

You miss your friends and hugging. 

And meals that aren’t shopped for, prepared by, and cleaned up by you. 

Maybe there’s a falling apart that’s looming beneath the surface or comes it in small doses on those days where one thing is one thing too many.

I honor all the things and I also hold a vision for you and me, for us.

A world that is more powerfully built on love.

A world that no longer rewards hustle.

A world that knows taking care of ourselves is at the heart of living.

A world where gratitude and kindness are daily practices.

A world that heals each other through awareness, truth and power with, no longer power-over. 

A world that recognizes the messiness of vulnerability and chooses it bravely every day. 

This world is possible.

In fact, it’s why you are here.

You –by being you– are here to be part of this incredible change. 

You don’t have to do it alone.

You can get support for the stickiest parts– the parts that feel scary or uncertain– and even ragingly uncomfortable.

Let me hold all that hustle for you and help you find a different way to navigate.

Create this vision with me– together.

Schedule a call with me to access your most powerful knowings and your next right step.

Love Always,