I held a workshop over the weekend where we pondered how we could invite more magic into our last 2 months of the year.

I proposed it started with taking things off our schedules, agendas, to-do lists, supposed-to manifestos, have-to mandates.

Why is it that we just keep adding to our lives — like they aren’t already pushing capacity before October arrives? 

How could we play with some big open spaces of possibility (and this can include the possibility of being in pajamas)?

Last year I kept every Sunday in December unscheduled (this was a big deal and something I loved so much I’ve carried into the whole year).

Magic– like fireneeds air to feed it. 

The fuel to this fire of magic— intention. 


We chose phrases from our favorite holiday songs that could serve as a grounding intention when life felt like it was spiraling away from us (and we created visual, artistic representations of these mantras- see pic above).

Mine is “may your days be merry & bright”.

I want to do things over the next two months that make my heart feel merry & my soul shine bright. If it doesn’t meet this criteria, it may not make the cut.

And the spark that gets the fire roaring? Our rituals.
The things we do that breathe life into our intention. A special holiday tradition or a new one that you are making up as you go.
Play with your magic’s fire.

Add a little more air flow. Clarify your intention and ceremonize your rituals.

I can’t wait to see what you create–